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Watch 421 Wharf Horse free
421 Wharf Horse
Motivated by the promise of a new beachside burger joint, Bob conspires with Felix to convince Mr. Fischoeder to sell Wonder Wharf. Meanwhile, Tina pr...
Watch 421 Wharf Horse free

421 Wharf Horse

Motivated by the promise of a new beachside burger joint, Bo...

Watch 420 Gene It On free

420 Gene It On

Tina decides to try out for the cheerleading squad, but it&#...

Watch 422 World Wharf... free

422 World Wharf...

It's Linda and the kids to the rescue when Felix takes ...

Watch 419 The Kids Ru... free

419 The Kids Ru...

Upon learning that she has a cavity and needs a filling, Lou...

Gene gets his first girlfriend, but it doesn't take long for the family to realize that she is incredibly annoying and they pressure him to break up with her. When Gene finally decides to end things, he discovers that her father is a songwriter ...
When Louise and Tina go to a Boyz 4 Now concert, Louise develops a crush on one of the singers; Gene enters a table-setting competition.
When Bob's eccentric landlord, Mr. Fischoeder, pays the family a visit, he informs Bob that his rival across the street, Jimmy Pesto of Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria, wants to take over Bob's lease so that he can expand his gift shop.
Tina tracks the "Mad Pooper" running wild at the middle school.
Bob mistakenly kisses Linda's sister Gayle while under the influence of medication administered during a dental appointment.
Louise expects to get a charge out of taking down her Thomas Edison-obsessed science teacher when she re-creates one of the famous inventor's experiments that involved electrocuting an elephant.
In the Season 4 premiere, the Belchers hit the road for a camping trip that has them communing with nature and overzealous squirrels, while riding raging river rapids and dealing with lost family members.
When Tina starts dating Josh, a ballet dancer, Jimmy Jr. becomes jealous and the two guys wind up in a dance-off for her heart.
Bob must do the unthinkable and compete against Hugo.

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